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Araven-Shopping Cart 160 lt.

  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shopping Cart 160 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shopping Cart 160 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shopping Cart 160 lt.

Shop & Roll LOOP 160 L. is the new member of the Araven range of compact shopping carts. It has been developed on the basis of our Shop & Roll LOOP 100 Lsupermarket cart to provide more capacity while maintaining the same performance features of a compact cart with maximum mobility.

Its 160 litres’ capacity make it the perfect choice for self-service shopping experiences that need greater loading capabilities, not just for foodstuffs but also in D-I-Y stores, electronics outlets, toyshops, etc…

As standard, the Shop & Roll LOOP 160 L. cart comes with antibacterial handle, flat bottom tray for bulkier packages and a choice of 5 colours for handlebars (red, green, blue, yellow or orange), as well as having standard or travelator wheels and optional coin lock. It can be customised to fit the brand image of your retail outlets.

It complies with all regulations:

EN 1929-1:1998

EN 1929-2:2004

Available Standard Colours


  • Antibacterial wrap-around handle. With open areas for handling with one or two hands. Oval-shaped for a more comfortable grip.
  • Basket and handle are on the same plane. Accompanies shopper without getting in the way.
  • Quick-rolling precision wheels. Easier turning without any effort.
  • Large frame. Smooth handling from any side.
  • Lightweight. The lightest cart on the market with this capacity.
  • Material: Polypropylene (basket) and steel (frame).
  • Saves space in stores. Minimal nesting distance 215 mm. Up to 25% less space taken up in store.
  • Design. Range with the same harmonious image. Its coloured handle encourages use on any side.
  • Ergonomics. Handle height to suit all users. Handle is not recessed - no unnecessary bending over.
  • Capacity. 160 Litres.
  • Bag hook. The hanger is situated in the area of the door and permit hanging handbags or bags, making its easier to do the shopping.
  • Bottom tray.
  • Travelator wheel for ramps.
  • Customization. Side label for maximum visibility store image.