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Araven-Shopping Cart 100 lt.

  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shopping Cart 100 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shopping Cart 100 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shopping Cart 100 lt.

This revolutionary 100L shopping trolley affords maximum mobility and comfort in stores thanks to its wraparound handle, unique on the market, that permits holding the trolley on all four sides and corners.

It is compact, light, manoeuvrable, and its design optimizes in-store space. Highly versatile - ideal for all sectors.

It satisfies standard:

EN 1929-1:1998

EN 1929-2:2004

TÜV ID 1111211091

Available Standard Colours


  • Shop & Roll Loop 100 L. shopping trolley Test. Increase in average ticket and greater shopper satisfaction wtih store. Video
  • Wraparound handle. Its wraparound handle makes for practical shopping, as it can be manoevered and is accessible from all sides.Video
  • Base with plenty of free space. Gap between base legs that allows unhindered movement from any side. Video
  • Compact Format. Adaptable to all sectors thanks to its format and capacity (food, toys, electronic equipment, home improvement …)
  • High-quality wheels for all needs. Two types of high resistant TENTE quality wheels for all types of stores. Video
  • Easy and comfortable unloading at check-out. Due to its height and dimensions, the cart adapts to the check-out line, making unloading easy for users.Video
  • Rear bag hanger. The hanger is situated in the area of the door and permit hanging handbags or bags, making its easier to do the shopping. Video
  • Light weight. Both the material and the design are optimised and designed to maintain maximum resistance of the product with minimum weight, helping users carry loads in stores.
  • Coin locking system. The Systec model coin locking system is compatible with different coins, depending on the country. Video
  • Capacity: 100L
  • Customization. Possibility of customising on both sides. Video