Hellenic Stand & Shop Equipment Industry

Araven-Shop & Roll 52 lt.

  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shop & Roll 52 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shop & Roll 52 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shop & Roll 52 lt.

The biggest capacity solution that is perfect for bulky items. The features that make this the best basket on the market in its segment are: its ergonomic design, its mobility, durability and silent wheels. A basket that is suitable for different sectors that require a squarer shape, able to adapt to all types of products. This versatility makes it the ideal basket for any type of shop or store that needs to offer users more space without any loss of convenience

-Shop & Rool 52L is customizable (colour and logotype).
-Handle extends to a greater height and is more ergonomic
-It does not bang against the legs
-Its handle does not transmit vibrations
Easy to use even when fully loaded
-Takes up very little aisle space
-Quiet wheel material generates minimal noise while rolling

Available Standard Colours


  • Space saving in stores. Due to its shape, it takes up less space than other baskets, saving 43% space in stores
  • Dirt evacuation system. Dirt discharge system for greater hygiene, leaving space for the dirt to come out of the cart.
  • High hygiene level in stacking. When stacking the wheels never come into contact with the base of the basket
  • Stacking reversibility. Reversible stacking helps optimise the space taken up by the stack of baskets in stores.
  • Robustness. Reinforced bottom, with supporting legs.
  • Quality wheels in TPE. 50mm wheel made of high quality and resistant material
  • Protected wheel axles. Protected wheel axles - less wheel maintenance
  • Anti-bacterial handle. Prevents profileration of bacteria. It is made with the most important antibacterial and inorganic deoderant agent (Antimicrobial Zeomic)
  • Side lifting grips. It can be picked up by the handle from the stack and stacked comfortably thanks to its side grips.
  • Anti-theft label. Various anti-theft systems are available.
  • Ergonomics. Greater height with handle withdrawn, favouring ergonomics as it adapts to the different heights of users.
  • Customisation. Possibility of customising basket colour and logotype.
  • Available in recycled material.