Hellenic Stand & Shop Equipment Industry

Araven-Shop & Roll 34 lt.

  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shop & Roll 34 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shop & Roll 34 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Shop & Roll 34 lt.
  • Handle extends to a greater height and is more ergonomic
  • Its handle does not transmit vibrations.
  • Easy to use even when fully loaded.
  • Takes up very little aisle space.
  • Quiet wheel material generates minimal noise while rolling.
  • It does not bang against the legs.

Available Standard Colours


  • Greater height with handle withdrawn, favouring ergonomics as its adapts to the different heights of users
  • Dirt evacuation system. Dirt discharge system for greater hygiene, leaving space for the dirt to come out of the cart.
  • High hygiene level in stacking.
  • When stacking the wheels never come into contact with the base of the basket.
  • Stacking reversibility. Reversible stacking helps optimise the space taken up by the stack of baskets in stores.
  • Robustness. Reinforced bottom, with supporting legs.
  • Quality wheels in TPE. 50mm wheel made of high quality and resistant material
  • Protected wheel axles. Protected wheel axles - less wheel maintenance.
  • Anti-bacterial handle. Prevents profileration of bacteria. It is made with the most important antibacterial and inorganic deoderant agent (Antimicrobial Zeomic).
  • Comfortable carrying handle. The basket can be picked up and carried with the retractable handle if the user prefers this.
  • Anti-theft label. Various anti-theft systems are available.
  • Available in recycled material.