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Araven-Hand Basket 20 lt.

  • φωτογραφία Araven-Hand Basket 20 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Hand Basket 20 lt.
  • φωτογραφία Araven-Hand Basket 20 lt.

Ergonomic shopping basket that allows shoppers to do their shopping at a height and provides an additional space to organize purchases. Small or fragile items are protected and there is no risk of losing them.The lower basket remains accessible because of the opening remaining, allowing shoppers to continue to place items in it. Attach the System 20L basket to the Shop&Roll 52L basket and pull them along together or attach it to the SHOP&ROLL 52L 4 Wheel basket to push it forward with the maximum mobility. The system creates a total volume of 72L. Perfect for any type of establishment in which shoppers need more capacity, greater height or to compartmentalize loads. Unplanned purchases are no longer a problem and new locations can be created at the point of sale. The 20L can also be used independently of a 52L Shop&Roll, as a lightweight and comfortable hand basket.

Available Standard Colours


  • Modern line design.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Large opening permitting access to lower basket. Access to lower basket thanks to the space, which enables more items to be put into the basket.
  • Keeps shopping tidy and separate.
  • Purchases can be organised, and users can shop at a convenient height. The system generates a total volume of 72 litres.
  • Generate new locations at the point of sale.
  • Can be used for unplanned purchases, and it permits creating new locations in the point of sale thanks to the compatible basket holder that is compatible with S&R 52L and S&R 34L
  • Clip & go. Join System baskets together in a practical and easy manner.
  • Anti-theft label. It has anti-theft label.